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Aroma therapy

Use the power of essential oils and hydrosols
for your development.


“There is a persuasive power of scent that is stronger than all words, sight, feeling and will.
It fulfills us completely, there is no remedy against it.”

Patrick Süßkind: The perfume

The power of scents

Scents have a direct effect on the lymphatic system and go straight into the subconscious

Define topic

Find your topic and the appropriate, supporting essences

Your personal fragrance

Create your personal resource scent that supports you in your everyday life.

Resource fragrance seminar
Resource fragrance seminar
Awaken your resources with your personal resource oil!
18 May 2024, 15:00 – 17:30
Kiskunmajsa, Ötfa tanya 108, 6120 Ungarn

Susanne Reisch

Nature Coach

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