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Nature Coaching 
“I live in fullness”

Individual coaching is about identifying your personal obstacles that are preventing you from reaching your full potential
not allowed to unfold (yet).


We focus on activating the specific resources that you need most for your personal evolution.


This allows you, for example

  • harmonize your relationships

  • recognize your life's purpose

  • Find fulfillment in your job

  • become financially independent

  • follow your heart's path with confidence

  • feel alive, healthy and vital

  • feel deep joy of life

In this process we prefer to use the forces of nature. for example through the use of plants or
during a resource walk in the forest.

I work with methods from the area of systemic coaching, reconnecting, mediality,
deep relaxation and scent coaching.

The aim of the coaching is to get you with the  Connecting with the awareness that you already have everything you need
to create the transformation in your life that you desire.

Appointment - Nature Coaching
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*Required field and note on data protection:
I need your data (name and email address) in order to be able to address you correctly and get in touch with you. Your data will be stored and processed for processing purposes. Of course, these will be treated confidentially and will not be passed on to third parties.
You agree that I may use your details to contact you. You can find more information in ourData protection.

Duration and price:

€120.00 for 1.5 hours (base hourly rate €80.00) net.

Alternatively, you can also call me directly.

(A) +43 (0) 676 / 4514560 


Susanne Reisch

Nature Coach

"Energy follows attention"

(HUNA principles)

Follow your intuition... motto for many years.

That took me to other countries & cultures.

Allowing the center of my life to change many times.
My work as a project manager,  Work 4.0 Consultant & Design Thinking Coach

always have to be realigned.

This path led me to Tirtha Ötfa Tanya - our place of power.

Our nature resort with many power places provides active support and offers a protected framework for coaching.

My work in process work is based on intuitive perception.
The basis is formed by methods from B
area of systemic coaching, reconnecting,
deep relaxation and scent coaching.

I have been working and living in creative power for many years and am happy to accompany you on your personal path to abundance.

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